The German Science Centre’s Vision and the Water Cluster

The German Science Centre’s (DWZ) underlying agenda is to use its broad network to facilitate, encourage and strengthen a water-focused dialogue between Germany and Egypt. The DWZ’s character as a platform for multiple German institutions, universities and research center, brings with it an added value that allows it to disseminate and foster the acquisition of competencies for cooperation with the MENA region. As combined, the institutions become a more powerful actor on site, benefiting each other, as well as the Egyptian research landscape by presenting bundled competency – culminating in it being stronger than the sum of its individual parts. Read more about the German Science Centre on the website.

These characteristics are mirrored in the composition of the Egyptian German Water Cluster, this means that the key factor for the success of the Water Cluster lies in the hands of its members. They, through active participation, contribution and involvement, further develop the Water Clusters nature as well as water related research.

The Egyptian German Water Cluster

The Egyptian German Water Cluster is an initiative by the DWZ to connect German and Egyptian water related research, in order to foster collaboration and make existing research more visible. It was launched in a kick-off workshop in November 2015 and future meetings in 2016 are in the planning stage. The Water Cluster’s Website was launched in early 2016 and represents the members of the Water Cluster, and their water related research and projects. It also allows outsiders to use the website as a search engine for water-related research, publications, funding mechanisms, and possible cooperation partner.

Find the Egyptian-German Water Cluster Website here.

Background Information about the Clusters Inauguration

Water is one of Egypt’s scarcest resources and is set to rise in importance. Many research projects in the Egyptian and German research landscape are engaged with this future challenge. Water resource management, quality management, protection, upgrading and desalination are just some of the topics that are object to research cooperation. The Water Cluster aims to make this multitude of projects more accessible and visible. Furthermore, it connects existing water-research cooperation and allows the identification for potential external stakeholders in water related topics. The kick-off workshop in November 2015 was the keystone in laying an academic foundation on which grounds the Water Cluster is build, defined and will be expanded further.

The Water Clusters main planned activities can be summed up in these networking initiative goals:

  • Foster Knowledge Production
  • Improve Dissemination and Visibility of Knowledge and Competencies
  • Integrate New Flows of Knowledge
  • Common Infrastructure and Services

Support is generated by the underlying structures of the DWZ and its partners, as well as through increased visibility of the participating institutions and projects. Cluster-strengthening mechanisms such as Expert meetings, regular exchange within the competence cluster and the organization of workshops is supported and co-facilitated by the DWZ. Further funding opportunities and action fields will be discussed and planned in future Egyptian German Water Cluster meetings. Read about the Egyptian-German Water Cluster Kick-Off Workshop on our News page here.