REDWARM Conference Flyer

Event Announcement | First International Conference on Research and Technology Development for Water Resources Management (4 - 6 Dec 2016)

Thu, 07/07/2016

Pressures from population growth, pollution, aging water infrastructure, and climate change are affecting our scarce water resources. Research and technology development is the key answer to address these challenges and to develop sustainable corrective actions while supporting economic growth. The National Water Research Center (NWRC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI) in Egypt and the Utah State University (USU) in the USA, are organizing an international conference titled “Research and Technology Development for Sustainable Water Resources Management”. This international conference is organized to provide a forum for researchers, academics, and practitioners, engaged in research, applied water technology, and water resources planning and management to share knowledge, experience, good practices, and research results. This event will offer an opportunity to catalyze and promote the use of advanced water technology to restore, protect and ensure sustainable management of scarce water resources. On behalf of the NWRC, I cordially invite you to attend this international conference in Cairo in December 2016.

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